Maestros of Santoor – Vol 04


Dilip    Kale     Santoor Player

Listen to Rag Vachaspati :

Pune-based santoorist Dilip Kale speaks about Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma only in superlatives. Not only because he’s Dilip’s guru, according to him the renowned musician is a wonderful human being too. “Ever since he accepted me as his student, my life changed for the better,” he says.

Before Dilip took to playing santoor, he was searching for the perfect medium to express himself. He is also a trained harmonium and tabla player. As if playing these two musical instruments was not enough — there’s a void in him which needed to be filled.

“When I first heard Shivji in a concert in 1984, I was moved by the experience. At that point in time, I knew my quest for the medium of musical expression was over,” he adds. So that was how he shook hands with destiny more than two decades ago, but it took sometime for him to be accepted by Shivji. “I used to attend all of Shivji’s concerts no matter where he was performing. I think after a while he started noticing me. Since santoors were only available in Kashmir those days, I modified a harp into a santoor and started playing it and when I demonstrated this experiment to him, he gladly accepted me as his student.” Ever since, under the watchful eyes of Shivji, Dilip has evolved into an extraordinary exponent of the santoor. He also performs with the maestro now and then.

“Words fail me when I try to express by debt to him. Shivji is not only my ideal in music, but my role model in life,” says Dilip.


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